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  • Green Cabs is licensed to operate from Christchurch International Airport.
  • Green Cabs consistently offers: 
    • The best fares overall from the airport
    • Consistently high standard of cars (Hybrids)
    • Best service
    • Corporate rates and charge accounts available Nationwide
    • Most commonly used taxi chits and taxi vouchers accepted

Green Cabs launches in Queenstown
Green Cabs in Queenstown offers a fleet of late model Toyota Prius envimronmentally friendly vehicles and a bio-diesel van option. From Airport transfers to local tours and transfers tourists and locals alike are enjoying our high quality environmentally friendly option at the very best prices.

Green Cabs dedicated stands at Auckland International Airport
Green Cabs now have dedicated stands at Auckland Airport too. So if you're travelling to Auckland look out for our cars, they will be one of the lowest taxi fares into town

Green Cabs, first lane at Wellington Airport.
Green Cabs are pleased to announce we now have 10 new 'on demand' spaces at Wellington Airport. This means you can now walk out of Wellington Airport, walk to the front of the first rank, catch a Green Cab and get one of the lowest fares into town.

We accept all major forms of payment including Credit Card, EFT-POS, and Taxi Charge Cards and Vouchers (even the ones with the 'Combined' logo).

Green Cabs, Priority Queue at Christchurch Airport.
Green Cabs are one of 3 companies in the priority queue at Christchurch Airport, so even if you have forgotten to book you can walk straight out of the airport and into one of our low cost environmentally friendly taxis.

Sign up for an account with Green Cabs and get even lower fares.

Green Cabs is New Zealand's environmentally friendly taxi company. We run a fleet of environmentally friendly cabs in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

At Green Cabs we plant trees to offset the emissions we do produce. We actually do this in advance so when you get into one of our taxis you can be rest assured your travel is effectively carbon neutral.