Green isn't just a colour.

We believe in sustainable operations to benefit people and the planet.


We will continue to be the sustainable leaders in our industry and the wider New Zealand business community. We will continue to fight the green fight with loud voices, sustainable practices and environmental initiatives.


We will provide a safe environment for all of our drivers, customers and staff. We will continue to ensure that a high standard of safety in-car is delivered at all times, through the use of security cameras, panic alarms, GPS tracking, thorough vetting and complete health and safety processes.


We will continue to invest in technology across our operations, in order to ensure we are continually improving on our internal processes, leveraging technology to help us reduce our environmental impact and, to ensure we are continually delivering modern and responsive customer solutions.


The passenger experience is of paramount importance to our operations, so we will continue to provide a safe, welcome and equal-opportunity environment for all staff, drivers and customers. We will continue to invest in our customer service and passenger experience, ensuring Green Cabs continue to deliver a comfortable, safe and reliable service.

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